Eligibility: SUMMIT(SM)-7th pass, ACME(AC)-8th Pass & APOGEE(AG)-9th Pass

We are in the Technological age and in the age of intense competition. It is an acknowledged fact that there are very few A-grade colleges and universities in India which provide quality education and produce industry-ready technocrats or quality medicos. The admission into these prestigious colleges is based on an Entrance exam after Standard XII like the JEE, NEET etc. It is an observation that if the student starts preparing for these exams from any of the school years from Standard VIII, IX, X by studying Science & Maths in a conceptual manner, the entire process of learning becomes enjoyable and stress-free. It is in this context that VE has designed its IIT Foundation Programs called the SUMMIT Programs (for class8th) ACME Programs (for class 9th) and APOGEE Program (for class 10th)


  • The chief objective of these Programs is to initiate the student into the Scientific Thinking Process.
  • The subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology along with logical and analytical reasoning are taught with a systematic conceptual approach.
  • It builds a strong Foundation for JEE and NEET Preparations.
  • The P/C/M/B lectures and corresponding Class Practice Problems (CPPs) are carefully planned to develop students’ interest in these subjects.
  • The Mathematical & Analytical Thinking (MAT) lectures further facilitate in developing the students analytical, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Three days per week and each day 3 classes of 1.5 hrs duration.
  • Excellent customized study material and class practice problems (CPP).
  • “Test marks to parents through SMS” facility & mobile app.
  • Monthly Tests to evaluate students’ Academic Progress. Detailed analysis of students test performance to give him Comprehensive Academic counselling.

In this Program the student shall get a flavour of JEE and different Olympiads studies, and shall also imbibe the right-thinking approach towards Science & Maths.

Students who will complete this Program, will realize that besides improving their school grades, they will excel in competitive exams, such as RMO, KVPY, Olympiads, NSEJS, NTSE (Stage 1) etc. without any extra effort. The students will also get significant increase in the self-confidence and in understanding and applying concepts to tackle the problems.